Corona cases in india punjab in last 24 hours

Corona cases in india punjab in last 24 hours

year 2019 , 1 december new relase corona virus or covid19 in china country.covid19 is a dangerous virus for human.Then corona virus naturely all of countrys relase and  human infected then lot of humans regenerate your body there are many people not regenate to covid 19. now i am going to show you corona cases in india punjub in last 24 hour .

corona or covid-19 test near me

how you will be find covid19 test in your home area. Fast of all your android or any divices open it and open internet and select internet browser and search then type corona test near me and you will find best covid19 testing lab so you are greatful

covid 19 test report

when you are test covid 19 on your body from hospitals or lab go give your samples then wait hospital or lab rules and then nurces or doctor give your reports and details.

When will corona end

october 2021 its time thats reaily amazing beacuse its time all over the world all human bodys vaccined now its time corona end . note: not for all humans its time not to be safe carefully distance maintain,face mask and others rules follow then few month wait will corona end.

Dhoni donation for covid

MS Dhoni indian creater captains. Dhoni is the most popular person in the world he belongs to india his life story is amazing . MS Dhoni films created by the ms dhoni life story its amazing.

Handsome earning in a day month year so you are donation easily for any sisuation now its time dhoni doneted for help us people. in the world all humans easily vaccined.

he is my faveourate cricket player and captain. his personality i am following i likes it.


ti is my first content any isshu comment bellow thank you so much i love you all.


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